STOP Sopa, Wait… CISPA?

I’ts been a few months since SOPA was ‘about’, There’s been a few new names for the same policy (Kind of). CISPA which is The CYBER INTELLIGENCE SHARING AND PROTECTION ACT.

There is a difference however, CISPA allows the US Government to hold all information you own from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+. All this information will be shared with the CIA and National Security Agency, I know, It’s bloody rude!

Mike Rogers, The sponsored rep said an amended version of the bill would only enable companies and intelligence agencies to share information which is related to the follow:

  1. Cyber Security Purposes
  2. Investigation and Prosecution of cyber security crimes
  3. Protection of individuals from death and bodily harm (Threats etc I suppose)
  4. Child Pornography
  5. Protection of the national Security of the United States.

Now I completely agree with the Child Pornography and Protection of the national Security of the United States, These two sub-laws are completely understandable!

However, What if the US cocks up like they seem to usually do? I mean they are only human… What if they raid a 12 year olds house because they went on Hackforums?
Protection of individuals from death and/or bodily harm is a tough one to be honest, I mean what if the person brings it upon themselves? What if someone threatens someone else and shit hits the fan?

Also what constitutes a Cyber Security Threat? Booting a US server is hardly a threat.. it’s just an inconvenience. What about the case where the US Databases got hacked by a teenager?

Ok, Ok I understand the internet is a bit too ‘free’ in terms of dangers than can come from it. But what gives the US the right to monitor me? A British citizen. I’m not allowed to vote in their country so how is that fair?

It’s fairly unclear what’s going on at the moment but I do know this will pass…


Google Against SOPA

Yesterday was tough. But we pulled through 13 congressmen ended up pulling out because they were good enough for their woman

Everyone else is going to be a father to the WORST bill ever made. SOPA as has changed a lot of time and I personally believe until 18/01/2012 it was a DEFINITE losing battle, but now theres some light. All we need to do is have one more push. Spam their twitters. Call your government. It’s not a lost cause.

Google gets 4.5 million people to sign petition.

Google. The ‘Largest’ search engine online has announced it’s hatred for SOPA many times. Proving it would not only ruin the internet but many peoples lives.

on 18/01/2012 I wrote an article about SOPA and received over 300 views an hour. The same day Wikipedia and Reddit blacked out. Google asked its users to sign a petition in aid to stop SOPA and a lot of college kids spent all day getting angry at this. This is why the bill will be passed if it does. Because college kids lack the intelligence knower day’s to get a grasp on the good and the bad.


Google Petition Against SOPA

I guess what it is important is that SOPA and PIPA were proven to be ineffective by Google. It’s almost as if the government is listening for once!

“There’s no need to make American social networks, blogs and search engines censor the Internet or undermine the existing laws that have enabled the Web to thrive, creating millions of U.S. jobs,” the petition reads. “Too much is at stake -– please vote NO on PIPA and SOPA.”

on 18/01/2012 we shaped the internet.
the White House Blogged reports that 103,785 people signed petitions through the We The People website asking the president to protect a free and open Internet.

Will SOPA and PIPA mean anything to the UK

Do you live in the UK? YES? Well don’t think SOPA won’t affect you.


Let me explain it a little bit. You have a job in internet marketing and a lot of the sales are made from viral networking (The Use of Viral adverts on Social networks) Such as Youtube videos on Facebook, Wikipedia and Twitter. Now with SOPA in Effect you will stop having the ability to use these sites to advertise. Thus cutting JOBS.

So we have one thing for sure. SOPA and PIPA will end jobs. I thought the US wanted to create more jobs?

Next up is a little bit of trivia for you. The act was only made when somebody with a LOT of money stepped forward and wanted to invest it. Thus the band wagon started. All the Senators were thinking “Hmm if I get in on this, I can have that promotion + a split of the money earned”. Another Corrupt system eh?

What about Disney… they are backing SOPA. But why? It’s simple. Disney owns CNet one of many download sites which allows you to direct download from mirror sites rather than paying for the product, much like a torrent site minus the cloaking etc. Why can they do this? Because it is Disney.

Aren’t they suing themselves then? Technically yes. They will probably lose CNet if this bill passes,  However. Part of the bill states that any company suing for copyright will have the US Government and PIPA Bill support them with funds. Allowing Disney to not only transfer all money from CNet over to one company but have the government pay for everything AND then keep the rest of the ‘grant’ given to them by the US government.


Well. Once jobs start going we will be at a loss, that’s quite obvious. But what really concerns me is that if a big organisation like Facebook and Twitter can be taken down by SOPA (Resulting in a worldwide closure). Why can’t one from the UK? if you link to any other site which is taken down you are liable to have your website taken down. whether or not you posted the content yourself.

Remember a lot of the web hosts + big companies are hosted in the US. This will effect you

Sites like Wikipedia have decided to blackout today. In protest to stop SOPA. However members have been addingStop SOPA Wikipedia Protest extensions to the URL’s to get by the block and in doing so allowing them to bypass the blocking.

The problem with this is that Wikipedia is fighting to keep the site running and members doing this are ruining the chance to stop SOPA.



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