My favorite Moodle 2013 plugins


As part of my job I am in charge of all the Moodle instances that we run. Over the  course of Moodle I have found these to be the most useful plugins. Although they aren’t all up to date. It’s wise to look through them.

Enrolment: Waitlist enrolment

If students enrol via the enrolment plugin “Waitlist Enrolment” they are put into a waitlist in case the maximum amount of course participants is reached. They later get enrolled automatically as soon as free seats are available.

The reason I like this plugin is that it is great for those huge Moodle instances which require a lot of maintenance. It’s an automated filtering list and allows you to funnel people though. This could for example be using in seminars at a university when projects need to be completed.


Course formats: Collapsed Topics

An interchangeable topic or week (day for 2.3.1+) based format that solves the issue of the ‘Scroll of Death’ when a course has many topics / weeks. All sections except zero have a toggle that displays that section. One or more sections can be displayed at any given time. Toggles are persistent on a per browser session per course basis but can be made to persist longer by a small code change.

This is one of my favourites with regards to designing the site. This would allow the user to collapse and reopen different topics so that they didn’t feel like they were scrolling endlessly on the site.


Messaging: moodletxt+ – SMS/Text Messaging Processor

moodletxt+ is an SMS message processor for Moodle 2.0 and above. It is an extension to the existing moodletxt block, which for six years has been one of the most advanced 2-way SMS messaging blocks available to Moodle users. This new extension allows moodletxt to capture site/course notifications, personal messages and other message events within Moodle, and then send those messages out via SMS.

This is a great example of when people want something and it is supplied! SMS/Text Messaging is a great way of contacting students. People are always on their smart phones tapping away. It’s become somewhat of a lifestyle. Remind them that they have a private message or are due to finish a course soon!


So far these are my favourite plugins. I can’t wait for more to come out!


What do you think?

First post of 2013 – News

Hey all,

Sorry I haven’t posted, I lost access to the site due to some WordPress bugs. This also meant I had to move Minepress to a seperate domain earlier.

As you can see it is in slow development while I work on other stuff.

I’ve also been working a lot with my apprenticeship at ProfileDT. I do a lot of their website work and graphics.